Product Testimonials

Storytime Interactive Tiles – BN2136

“The tactile nature of the mats was particularly useful and the children loved getting involved and moving around, changing the story and sharing their ideas with their friends”

 Tell the Time Carpet & Accessory Pack – BN2141 

 “The use of the carpet was a great success. All children were more engaged in their learning because using the carpet made it more interactive and fun for them. I feel that this will encourage them to retain their understanding more”

 “It was the best lesson that we had. I liked the carpet. The colours have helped me remember where the numbers are on the clock. This means I will be able to remember how to tell the time better”

 Small World Road Map Set 2 – MAT1227 

“Both teachers and children will benefit from these carpets because they are bright, colourful, educational, exciting and fabulous quality”


English Emotions Donut Cushions Trolley – FN1160-N

 “It has helped the children to assess and think about how they are feeling but also investigate other emotions within their day. Our children have enjoyed looking at the faces and discussing which emotion they think the cushions are”

 “I like the texture of the cushions they make me feel calm”

 “I like talking about how I feel when sitting on the cushions”

 “The cushions help me to speak when I can’t find my words”


Ergo Vari Single Seat - SP1450-BY-FR-N and Ergo Vari Double Seat - SP1451-BY

 "They are comfortable, lovely colours and fun for the children to use. They are also easy to clean. The children love sitting on the chairs to read books."